United We Blossom, Divided We Perish – How Can You Contribute To The Environment?

Eco friendly hotels are not only beneficial to the owners, but also to the entire world, while at the same time letting their guests contribute to betterment of the environment. Whether it’s water or energy conservation, recycling, or reducing the consumption of natural resources through bulk amenities and newspaper programs, a positive impact can be made through simple steps.

People who consider themselves very “environmentally aware” take special care to at least conserve water and energy, and to recycle. But when they travel, many of these same people either leave their environmentalism at home or figure they just have to put up with extreme waste in hotels. It doesn’t have to be that way. I challenge you to take your environmental action on the road with you, and to not accept hotel waste anymore.

It’s getting easier to support environmental practices when you travel, but not all hotels haven’t caught on or are not up-to-speed yet. Be sure to first look for “green” hotels for your lodging options. Participate in any “green practices”, like towel and sheet reuse programs, recycling, and energy conservation (turning your lights and TV off when you aren’t in the room), that the hotel offers. Be as conserving on the road as you are at home.

Green Peace - A Step Towards Eternity

With endless names for green lodging, including green hotels, ecolodges, and sustainable tourism (conserving both the environment and the culture or social aspects of an area, having a low impact on both). The best place to start your green hotel research is online, looking for the sites that spread the word about the awareness of nature and environment, and then using the search engines, where the best term to use is “ecotel hotels”. Don’t let the various terms confuse you or put you off, because people have different focuses in their environmental actions, and the name often reflects the focus of each specific hotel.

The problem with hotels’ approaches to resource consumption is that thinking tends to go no further than “today”. While guests are being pampered or taken care of, precious, non-renewable resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. That consumption not only impacts the quality of the air you breathe and the water you drink today, it also takes resources from the future. What does that mean for the future of our children?

Another issue to consider is that of deforestation. Cutting a forest down, has been impacting animals, air, water, and even future vegetation. Building a hotel in the middle of the desert causes resources that aren’t naturally there to be channeled, again destructing the environment. These changes impact not only the local environment, but even the worldwide environment.

Visiting different places of the country and the world is a fantastic experience. You and the people you meet are better for the exchange. That’s the kind of exchange that makes tourism valuable. To keep tourism from being prejudicial, we all need to contribute and reduce waste. This can start with a little thing called – No Littering! Small steps might some day help our planet breathe a sigh of relief if not more. Amen!


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